A Revolutionary Approach That
Leaves Old-School PPC Agencies
in the Dust

Not an agency. Not a vendor. Your champion for success.

Clients generally don't know what to call us.

We're not like an agency, because you only pay for leads. And we're not like a lead vendor, because the leads are exclusive, high-intent, and generated under your brand. So what are we? We're your guaranteed path to high-quality leads and business growth.

Agencies are great at sending you invoices. We're great at sending you leads. Which would you prefer?

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We Are Not a Lead Vendor

Most lead vendors generate low-quality, uninterested leads that are sold to multiple attorneys. Not only are you left fighting for the lead, but often they're impossible to get ahold of or don't actually want to hire an attorney.

Our leads are exclusive, want your services, and are expecting your call.

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We Are Not a PPC Agency

PPC agencies charge a percentage of spend and don't have skin in the game. If their bankruptcy leads cost $800, they still get paid even though they didn't perform.

We're paid a fixed price per lead. If we underperform, we lose money. But don't worry — underperforming isn't in our DNA.

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100% Focused on Legal Marketing

The legal industry is nuanced and expensive. Marketing companies that aren't focused on legal or offer too many services will cost you thousands in wasted ad spend.

At Prevail, we only offer lead generation for attorneys. That's it. Our razor-sharp focus is the reason for your jaw-dropping success.

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You Only Pay for Results

Other PPC marketers charge you a set-up fee, make you sign long-term contracts, and say they need 6 months to get results.

We generate leads at a guaranteed price on day one. And our performance is what will keep you working with us, not a locked-in contract.

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We Take the Risk. You Reap the Rewards.

Sid Chary

Chary Law P.C.

10 to 1 Return on Immigration Campaign

“It took probably about a week total to setup, and my phone started ringing the day after.”

JacksonWhite Law YouTube Banner

Liz Coyle

JacksonWhite Law Firm

6 to 1 Return on Divorce Marketing

“The great thing I would say about Prevail is that every lead is pretty much a qualified lead.”

Studebaker Law YouTube Banner

Mike Studebaker

Proven Legal Services, PLLC

23% Close Rate on Bankruptcy Campaign

“You’re not going to find a company that does better for you that’s more concerned about you and at a reasonable price.”