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Where others see adversity, we see opportunity.

The Great Recession. The Coronavirus Pandemic. The lack of balance in legal PPC marketing. Challenges, roadblocks and disruption fueled and inspired Prevail Legal Marketing's unique performance-based lead generation model. We don't back down from a challenge. We fight to win. And you want us in your corner.

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Innovation Born of Disruption

Prevail Legal Marketing is the result of more than 10 years of marketing experience — and it all started with the Great Recession.

Our founder, Adam Arkfeld, was brokering apartment buildings after college and needed a new path when the real estate market crashed. In the depths of The Great Recession, he started a web development company, ParaCore, transitioned the business to PPC marketing in 2014, and grew the company to more than a dozen employees, managing over $10 million in ad spend per year.

In early 2020, we noticed PPC companies were taking advantage of the legal industry. Not only were they charging 30 percent of ad spend and producing abysmal results, but many mismanaged accounts, resulting in single clicks costing $150 or more.

There was a gap in the market — and we saw a winning approach. We did our research. Tapped into our networks. Lawyers craved accountability, flexibility, integrity and guaranteed results in their marketing. They were fed up with unreliable marketers that wasted money and couldn’t produce leads at an affordable cost.

Prevail Legal Marketing and our unique, branded pay-per-lead model was created as a much-needed antidote to this toxic environment. We promised to stay obsessed with details, remain focused on our passion for performance, and always maintain integrity and accountability. The only way we win is if you win.

Rising to the Challenge

In April 2020, weeks after the Coronavirus pandemic started, we officially rolled out our branded pay-per-lead model — and the response from the market and our clients did not disappoint.

2020 has been a challenging year. But it’s no coincidence that 2020 is the year Prevail Legal Marketing began. We’re built to withstand adversity, designed to overcome obstacles and bolstered by a foundation of more than a decade’s worth of marketing prowess.

We know what’s required to produce results. And it’s not just talk. We take on our clients’ risk so they can rest easy knowing we won’t rest until they get the performance they’ve paid for.

Everyone wins.

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We Take the Risk. You Reap the Rewards.

Sid Chary

Chary Law P.C.

10 to 1 Return on Immigration Campaign

“It took probably about a week total to setup, and my phone started ringing the day after.”

JacksonWhite Law YouTube Banner

Liz Coyle

JacksonWhite Law Firm

6 to 1 Return on Divorce Marketing

“The great thing I would say about Prevail is that every lead is pretty much a qualified lead.”

Studebaker Law YouTube Banner

Mike Studebaker

Proven Legal Services, PLLC

23% Close Rate on Bankruptcy Campaign

“You’re not going to find a company that does better for you that’s more concerned about you and at a reasonable price.”