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Pricing to Fit Any Firm

Some firms need 25 leads a month. Others need a 1,000.

We also know that immigration cases don't bring in as much revenue as auto accidents. We understand all this because we care about the details. And the only way we succeed, is if you succeed.

No matter what type of firm you have, we have the solutions that will get you across the finish line.

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How Much do Leads Cost?

The cost of a lead varies greatly by location and practice area. Bankruptcy leads are significantly less expensive than personal injury leads, and some states are more expensive than others. But we work to set the right expectations, right from the beginning. Transparency is a key component of our winning formula.

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Exclusive Leads Just for You

We're often compared to lead vendors because of our pay-per-lead pricing model. However, we're not a lead vendor. We're a PPC agency partner compensated per lead instead of overpriced retainers. We have skin in the game. And that sets us apart.

Our lead costs are sometimes higher than lead vendors, but that's because our leads are exclusive and produced from high-intent sources like Google. These are your leads, exclusively. And they're primed to close.

No Contracts with Flexible Billing

Long-term contracts are a red flag in our opinion. We believe you'll stick with us because we do what we say. We allow you to buy more or less leads depending on your growth needs. And you can stop buying leads after any order, or restart in 30 days.

We don't believe in contracts, retainers, or any marketing that lacks accountability. And isn't that how it should be?

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We Take the Risk. You Reap the Rewards.

Sid Chary

Chary Law P.C.

10 to 1 Return on Immigration Campaign

“It took probably about a week total to setup, and my phone started ringing the day after.”

JacksonWhite Law YouTube Banner

Liz Coyle

JacksonWhite Law Firm

6 to 1 Return on Divorce Marketing

“The great thing I would say about Prevail is that every lead is pretty much a qualified lead.”

Studebaker Law YouTube Banner

Mike Studebaker

Proven Legal Services, PLLC

23% Close Rate on Bankruptcy Campaign

“You’re not going to find a company that does better for you that’s more concerned about you and at a reasonable price.”