How This Law Firm Got 10:1 Return on Immigration Leads

Chary Law P.C. Testimonial

Sid Chary, Attorney and Owner of Chary Law P.C., uses Prevail Legal Marketing for their branded pay per lead campaigns to get immigration leads. With a goal to get double their initial investment, Prevail was able to deliver an early 10:1 return on investment by providing high quality leads! Hear more about their experience with Prevail and what we can do for your legal marketing.

“My return on investment, I’ve made probably close to 10X at this point and I am not even done with all of the initial leads!”

How is Prevail’s lead quality?

“I’m happy with what I am getting now. It’s a whole different world and it’s really something that I just don’t have time to figure out on my own, so it’s nice to have a good partner that can facilitate the leads for me.”

How easy was it getting started with Prevail?

“So with Prevail it was actually really easy getting the campaign started. An initial phone call, discussion and ideas and things like that, and how we wanted the landing page to look, a bit of background on the law firm and the types of clients we are trying to get. I think everything was up in a week, it was done really quickly. The landing page looked absolutely beautiful, it looks honestly better than a lot of attorney websites out there, or just websites in general. Very clean, concise, to the point. Very professional. It wasn’t long, it took probably about a week total to setup, and my phone started ringing the day after.”

What would you tell someone considering Prevail?

“I would tell anyone considering Prevail to schedule a call and have an open mind and speak with Adam or his team. They’re very smart and they take the time to understand what the attorney is looking for and they take the time to do the research. After that they create great landing pages. They’re a pleasure to work with, it’s very very easy. It’s nice to have someone that is working as a partner with you and open to ideas and suggestions. And they’re very honest.”

What’s surprised you most about Prevail?

“I told Adam at the beginning that I would be happy if I made double my money on my investment, and I have far surpassed that. It has been great so far, where I don’t want to tell people about Prevail, but it’s really a great tool to use. There is a lot of information out there that says “don’t use pay per lead” or “use pay per lead, use Avvo, use Legalmatch” to use these sites for pay per lead. As far as I can tell you guys are definitely the best, if not one of the best doing this right now.”

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Sid Chary

Chary Law P.C.

10 to 1 Return on Immigration Campaign

“It took probably about a week total to setup, and my phone started ringing the day after.”

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Liz Coyle

JacksonWhite Law Firm

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