5 Red Flags to Consider When Hiring a PPC Agency

There are many different types of Digital Marketing Agencies, each with different values and benefits! It can be hard to know which type of PPC agency is the best fit for your legal marketing.

But there are quite a few red flags to watch out for when considering PPC agencies. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a marketing team:

1. Experience of Your Account Managers

There are always newer account managers, but if your account manager is also optimizing your ad account, they need to be experienced. Make sure you’re asking how long the person on your account has been with the agency and how long they’ve been optimizing ad accounts.

2. Agency Size

If the agency is less than 3 or 4 people, there’s not a lot of redundancy if anyone were to leave. If that happens, your account might not be touched for months while that individual is being replaced. Make sure the size of the agency matches the number of clients that agency has. If there are 3 people and over 100 clients, that means the team is overextended.

3. Outsourced vs. In-House Ad Managers

If ad managers are in-house, it means that they know the campaigns intimately and are deeply connected with the company’s culture. Outsourcing isn’t always bad, but if management is outsourced overseas or for every single account, that will likely result in suboptimal performance.

4. Frequency of Optimizations

Ask how often accounts are updated. If you have access to the ad account, you could actually check this in the change history to confirm someone is, in fact, optimizing your account. At a minimum, accounts should be touched weekly to continually improve performance.

5. Account Ownership

Oftentimes, agencies will own your ad account and you won’t even know it. If you decide to move agencies, you won’t be able to take the historical data and performance. Be sure to ask your agency if you own your account. In the pay per lead model, the marketer generally owns the account because they’re accountable for performance. In the retainer model, you should own your own ad accounts.

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