Which PPC Agency Structure is Best for Legal Marketing?

A common frustration with PPC marketing is that the marketing campaigns don’t work. When a campaign doesn’t work, the only party that loses is the attorney and law firm. The marketer still received their retainer fees and bears none of the risk.

At Prevail, we believe the ideal structure for PPC marketing is what we call a Branded Pay Per Lead model. This model solves the problems associated with traditional PPC marketing arrangements.

First, the marketing runs under your brand.

This means that the leads are seeing your firm, they’re converting on branded landing pages, and the leads can’t be resold to multiple providers. They’re exclusive.

When you run marketing under your brand, the quality of leads is far higher because they know who they’re contacting and already trust your firm.

Second, the marketer is compensated on a per lead basis, rather than a retainer.

Instead of paying 25% of your $30,000 advertising budget, you’ll pay a fixed amount per lead that varies by case type. If no leads come in, you aren’t charged.

This places the burden of performance on the marketer and ensures that your money is well spent. You’ll never spend $10,000 and only get 5 leads.

If you order 80 leads for $125 ($10,000), you’d only pay $625 if you only received 5 leads and the marketer would be responsible for figuring out the problems with your campaign.

We believe Branded Pay per Lead is far superior to other management models and we encourage you to work with agencies that believe the same.

This greatly reduces your risk of working with a marketer that’s not good or inexperienced.


Prevail Legal Marketing offers Branded Pay Per Lead for your law firm.

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